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I am a photographer based in Teesside, England with a wide range of photographic interests; taking great pleasure in creating images that myself and clients are ecstatic with and (if applicable) will boost interest in products with potential customers.

I have been taking photographs for many years now, honing my craft with each photo shoot.
I am well versed in the use of natural, artificial and strobe lighting techniques; both in a studio and on location.

I currently work as a chef for Tomahawk Steakhouse but make time to pursue a professional interest in photography, working for Sugar Finery sweet shop has been a great pleasure for me and one of the highlights of my professional career.

Past clients

I have been hired to photograph two weddings and had a wonderful time doing so. I took great pride in capturing future memories that will be treasured by the couples for years to come.

Until recently (due to the shop moving to Windermere) I worked for approximately two years for Sugar Finery, a luxury sweet shop with an sterling reputation. I would photograph new products, promotional banners, and seasonally themed sets (e.g. Christmas) that I would personally setup.

Maddisons of Durham (primarily a watch components and tool shop) hired me to take inventory of their large warehouse; setting up a small studio area for the role.

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